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Celestron Nexstar GPS 8" with lots of upgrades For Sale

Price - $1,300.00

Ad Number: 106625

Posted: 26 May 2017

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*Available for local buyer in Arizona only*

Up for sale is my Celestron Nexstar GPS 8" telescope with numerous upgrades and accessories. This package has just about everything you could ask for. The condition is excellent on all the included items, as this scope has been very well cared for. The tripod has scuffs, as you'd expect from use. The only reason I'm selling it is that we now have an even bigger telescope. For most people, this size is probably all you'll ever want or need.

I'll briefly describe the telescope itself, and then I'll describe the various upgrades and accessories that I'm including with it. The telescope is a Celestron GPS 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. What's great about this model is that even a beginner can use it due to the GPS feature. All you do is turn it on, it locks onto GPS satellites, and then you use the hand controller to sort through various objects to choose which object you want to look at. You push the button, and the scope's built-in motors move the scope and points it to the object you selected. It then automatically tracks the object to compensate for Earth's rotation, keeping the object in the center of the field. You can then pan around slowly by using the hand controller to check out the object's surroundings. The hand controller provides suggestions for the most spectacular objects currently visible in the sky from your location. The telescope has an adjustable height tripod with rubber-tipped legs, tripod spreader, hand controller, 1.25" visual back, and 1.25" Celestron diagonal.

The following are additional upgrades I've done:
1. Orion Short Tube 80mm wide-field refractor mounted on top. This provides wide-field views of extended objects as a "super finderscope" when you want to step back and view an object at lower magnification to see its surroundings. Additionally, I have improved the optical alignment of the Short Tube 80 from the factory settings, and I have blackened the lens edges to improve contrast. These changes have made a noticeable difference in performance.
2. ScopeStuff rail on top of the main scope which allows for the Short Tube 80mm to ride on top. This holds the smaller scope securely in place.
3. Telrad reflex sight finder. This is a red reflex sight finder which allows you to quickly check to see where in the sky your telescope is currently pointed at. Batteries are fresh.
4. ADM counterweight rail and counterweight. This provides balance to the telescope by adding weight to the underside to compensate for the Short Tube 80 on top. I have already balanced the telescope so it does not need to be changed further, but to do so you just unlock the slider and move the weight forward or backward.
5. Astrozap dew shield. The dew shield aspect of this isn't very important in Arizona since it's dry here, but the light shield aspect is important. It helps improve contrast by blocking out peripheral light sources when used in a suburban area.
6. ScopeStuff fine focus knob. This allows for precision focusing and is a very worthy upgrade to the standard focuser. Makes it easy to quickly get an object in sharp focus.
7. Starizona Landing Pad. This makes the process of placing the telescope on top of the tripod very easy. You place the telescope on top of the tripod and rotate it until it clicks into place.
8. Velcro added to the right arm of the fork mount and the back of the hand controller. This was one of my ideas. This makes for a convenient way to store the hand controller while the telescope is in use.
9. Meade 26mm Super Plossl eyepiece. This is a good all around low to mid magnification eyepiece that I'm including. It will get you 78x magnification in the main telescope and 15x magnification in the Short Tube 80.
10. Orion Sirius 10mm Plossl eyepiece. This is a higher magnification eyepiece which will get you 203x magnification in the main telescope (good for planets and the moon), and 40x magnification in the Short Tube 80.
11. Celestron Power Tank. This provides ample power for the main telescope. In my experience, it lasts many outings before needing a recharge. It also has a built-in BRIGHT spotlight if you ever need it, and a dim red light to preserve night vision.
12. Clamps for mounting the Short Tube 80 on a tripod of its own.
13. Custom made "Duncan mask", which I hand-made. This makes collimation (mirror alignment) very easy. SCT telescope hold collimation well, but every year or so you should fine-tune it to get the alignment crisp. I have already done the work of precisely aligning this telescope to a near perfect collimation and locked it in place. Very unlikely you would need to touch anything for a long time. If you ever need to, this Duncan mask will make it easy (instructions for how to use one can be found online).

I will also offer my advice in astronomy, in general, if the person who buys this is new to the hobby and has any questions. Please PM me if you're interested.


  • Condition Excellent
  • Location Phoenix, Arizona

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