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Crazy Tony's Want List - lots of various items wanted! Wanted

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Posted: 21 Jul 2018

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(Updated 7/21/2018)

In addition to cleaning out the closets here at Crazy Tony's House of Telescopes, there are a few items that I'd still really like to find. Here is my current want list.

Please note that if you reply, I may not reply quickly, but rest assured I *will* reply. I'm traveling a lot these days on business -- 4-5 days a week, and sometimes internationally -- and traveling/working some very long days some days. I *will* respond as soon as I can get to my email -- which isn't always available to me, especially internationally.


I am looking for the following astro gear, pieces and parts:

Scopes, OTAs, objectives/related:

- Carton-manufactured 60mm f/7 refractor in good condition. This scope was offered by Parks, Orion and possibly others. Parks offered it with a soft case, which I'd also like to find. Also, finder bracket for same in Parks blue by itself with or without finder would be awesome (trying to find one for a scope I already have).


- Nikon NAV 17.5mm, excellent or better condition. Must have caps and box.
- Vixen LVW 42mm, excellent or better condition. Must have caps and box. (Note: *not* LVWN)
- TeleVue 6mm Ethos, excellent or better condition, must have caps and box.
- Box with inserts *or* just the foam inserts for a Televue 8mm Ethos (mine were accidentally destroyed)
- Any University Optics 'Zebra' Plossls, except 9mm.
- Any University Optics Pretoria (always wanted to try one in my big scope)
- Orion Plossls, older Japanese-made entry-level white body style only in 18mm and 25mm, in excellent condition. Also the matching barlow, if one exists (Japanese-made Shorty?) I can provide a photo of examples if you're not clear what I'm looking for.
- Coronado CeMax eyepieces, 12mm and 18mm, OR the entire set with Barlow and original case, in excellent condition
- DGM Optics NPB filter in 1.25"

Mounts/mount accessories:

- Parallax 7" ID hinged rings
- Original Vixen GP-DX azimuth adjustment bolt (only - knob not needed) and saddle bolt (only - knob again not needed)
- DiscMounts DM-6 to Losmandy tripod adapter OR a similar adapter that will fit inside a Losmandy MA or FHD-MA that has a 3/8x16 mount point
- Lapides tripod spreader for AP/Baader tripod or complete tripod with Lapides spreader already fitted
- Losmandy Lightweight Tripod with bag (would trade an Losmandy HD tripod for one)
- Losmandy metal motor cover kit for GM-8/G-11 motors (non-Gemini)
- Losmandy DDCK digital drive case knobs -- the older style handle knobs, not the current winged ones
- Losmandy polar alignment scope -- an older model (90/00/10) will be fine for my purpose -- with or without illuminator.
- Helix Hercules dovetails (2)
- Current Vixen DD-3 hand controller and MT-1 motor set
- Vixen DMD-2 or DD-1 hand controllers, dead or alive (others considered for parts) and green MT-1 motors and covers
- Vixen green counterweights (any size)
- Complete Vixen SkySensor2000 setup - hand controller and servo motors
- Wooden box for Unitron 128 tripod, in very nice condition.
- Tripod bag/case for 48" tripod. The Baader hardwood tripod bag, an Orion padded case or similar would be fine.

Solar observing/related:

- Lunt, Baader or equivalent 100mm-110mm unmounted solar energy rejection filter (D-ERF)
- ND3.0 (0.1% transmission) neutral density filter in 24mm/0.965" for visual use with Herschel Wedge in classic Japanese scopes with a classic Japanese Herschel wedge (actually, I'd be interested in an entire spectrum of ND filters for use with this setup, but primarily one with 0.1% transmission)
- Original Coronado PST carrying case -- must have fully intact foam insert


- complete C8 Fastar assembly with counterweight. Not interested in a Hyperstar; this is for an experiment for asteroid occultation video capture in place of the rig I use now.


- Celestron 5x24 finder and bracket for C5+ (white finder, black bracket)
- Celestron 50mm finder bracket for early sand cast C14 black tube with black crinkle (NOT orange-peel!) finish (set screws not required)
- Orion tripod or scope bags -- I need several different sizes, what do you have?
- Vixen 36.4mm -> 31.7mm (1.25") visual back for refractors (need more than one of these)
- Front cap(s) for Orion 100mm f/6 refractor -- really just need the insert cap which is 57.5mm
- Front cap set for Celestron C102HD refractor (need the entire thing)
- Celestron C5+ metal corrector cover/cap
- Celestron Ultima 11 fork mount encoder covers (both pieces -- JMI might work)
- Tenba cases for Tak FS-102 and FC-76 or similar-sized scopes

Antiques/unusual items:

- Edmund Scientific adapter for Goto Kogaku star spectroscope (old!)

Looking for the following Astro-related books:

- 2014 Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Observer's Handbook. Excellent to like-new condition only, please.
- Telescopes, Eyepieces and Astrographs by Smith/Ceragoli/Berry. Hardback, excellent to like-new condition only, please.

Will buy outright or trade. Lots of stuff available for trade -- see my sale ads or just inquire for specific items I might have that aren't posted. I have other stuff as well -- just let me know what you're looking for and let's see if we can make a deal.

I will also trade ham radio gear for astro gear and vice versa. I am an Extra class licensee and have extra HF, VHF and UHF gear as well as high-end SWL receivers at the moment.

PM with responses. Thanks for looking.


  • Location Broken Arrow, OK

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