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complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain For Sale

Price - $34,000.00

Ad Number: 152242

Posted: 29 Oct 2018

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I am selling my complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain, near the Portugal border.
The location has an average Clear nights per year of about 250-270 and an SQM of 22 or more.
It has unlimited Internet up and download with fiber glass connections.
See here for more info about their details: https://www.entreenc....es/en/hosting/
The location is rented on a 1, 2 or 3-yearly basis and you’ll have your own roof to control.
You can ask me the rent price in a private message.
All is controlled by remote acces like AnyDesk.
On the photo’s there also used to be a TEC-140 installed, that telescope has been sold.
It is removed from the photo’s
This are the items that are all included in the purchase (I will put the price I paid in brackets behind it):
* CFF 185 mm APO in Perfect condition

Core glass used – FPL55;

Clear aperture – 185 mm;

Focal length – 1260 mm; 

Focal ratio – 6.8;
Starlight focuser (18 790 Euro)
* CFF Field Corrector, Corrected Field = 55 mm; (650 euro)
* Paramount ME Robotic mount, Including 2 Paramount weights and one third party weight (14.500 euro)
* Skywatcher guiding Telescope 80mm/F=600 mm (200 euro)
* SBIG STL-11000 full frame 24x36 mm cooled mono astro camera, with build in guide chip, cools -30 degrees below ambient (4000 euro)
* Finger Lake Instruments 7 positions 2” filterwheel FLI-CFW2-7 (1780 euro)
Inside filterwheel are 7 filters:
Astrodon 3nm Ha 2” (1084 euro)
Astrodon 3nm OIII 2” (1084 euro)
Astrodon 3nm SII 2” (1084 euro)
Baader LRGB 2” (600 euro)
* Guiding camera in guiding scope: Lodestar-1 (450 euro)
* Losmandy DVR 108/66 - Leitrohrschellensystem bis 108 mm, mit Stabilisation (201 euro)
* Micro touch Remote Focusing System on CFF-185 (550 euro)
* Pyxis 3” second generation Rotator (2000 euro)
* Astrozap dew controller (500 euro)
* 3 x Astrozap Dew heating strips (200 euro)
* Gemini SnapCap, for protecting the front lens of APO, with build in Flat Generator (500 euro)
* AAG Cloudwatcher with wind meter (495 euro)
* DELL desktop computer with windows XP (no irritating windows updates !) (200 euro)
* Computer Monitor (200 euro)
* Keyboard (50 euro)
* Extra external Hard Disk for backups, 2 terrabytes (500 euro)
* USB hub Pro (120 euro)
* Webcam Point-Tilt-Zoom to look at the scope in real time (400 euro)
* TALON Ethernet switch to switch things on and of and to reset the computer remote if needed, 8 switches (500 euro)
* DIY Power Relay Switch 8 switches (200 euro)
* Wooden cabinet at observatory (200 euro)
* A lot of cables (100 euro)
* A lot of power supplies, 5V, 12V, 45 V (300 euro)

A total of 51.438 euro

Asking Price = 30.000 euro or a good offer.
Offers MUST be done in Private Messages.
Pictures taken with the CFF-185 can be seen here: https://www.astrobin...rs/AbreLosOjos/
Complete SETUP can be purchased INCLUDING or EXCLUDING the hosting in Spain.
INCLUDING hosting: You will sign a contract with E-eye in Spain for the rent and you pay me for the SET-up.
We will sign a contract of sale.
EXCLUDING hosting: I will fly to Spain and meet you there to check if all is there.
You will pay me by bank or cash the amount we agreed upon and you will take it all home.
If you do INCLUDED hosting you don’t have to get in to queue to rent a remote. It is then already yours.
(Some have to wait for years to get in)


  • Condition Perfect
  • Location worldwide

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