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Meteor Shower Dial For Sale

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Posted: 02 Jul 2019

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This one of a kind handcrafted dial helps to show whether a meteor shower is active or not. It was inspired from my love for watching meteor showers. The dial clearly illustrates how the sun has and still can be used to mark important events. In this case, the dates of meteor shower activity. There are several meteor showers to watch throughout the year and it is difficult to remember their respective dates. This dial much like a sundial shows when each meteor shower is active by the length of a shadow cast on the dial at noon. A common question I've often heard is where do I look in the sky to see these meteors? First time observers may be unfamiliar with star constellations or celestial coordinates. The dial is easy to use and understand since I have converted the coordinates of the radiant points published by the International Meteor Observers (IMO) into azimuth and elevation which are more widely known. You simply orient the dial to North, and the dial shows where and how high the radiant point of the shower is located. This feature would be beneficial to a photographer wishing to photograph a meteor shower.

Simple to use:

1) Position the center spike/gnomon at the center of the dial. The dial has a small neodynium magnet embedded to hold it securely in place in a vertical position.

2) Lay the dial on a flat/horizontal surface outdoors at noon. A shadow will appear on the face of the dial.

3) Rotate/turn the dial so that the shadow aligns with the meteor shower of interest.

4) If the point of the shadow lands in the center of the dot for that meteor shower---then it is most likely active.

5) Rotate/turn the dial again so that it is oriented to North. The dial now shows the azimuth or direction of the shower's radiant point. The elevation in degrees of the shower's radiant point at midnight is shown within the listing of meteor showers on the dial.

The dial is approx. 7" in diameter and is heavily laminated for protection from moisture. The small neodynium magnet offers quick attachment to a metal surface such as a refrigerator or metal desk if desired when not in use.

**Note: Please specify observing location City/Town in the U.S. when purchasing. U.S. sales only.

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  • Condition new
  • Location Central Iowa

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