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Announcement: New and updated security notice. Important for all members.

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We, as well as some other astronomy sites, have been relentlessly attacked for several weeks now by scammers attempting, and unfortunately succeeding in a number of instances, to take over control of member accounts and defraud others with fraudulent Classified ads.

We have excellent reasons to believe that Cloudy Nights’ security has not been breached, but rather that the attackers are using a “credential stuffing” attack, meaning that they are using bots to try to login here with credentials they have gotten from other sites whose security has been compromised.

So, please change your password. And keep to the following when you do.
  • Create a unique password, meaning one you have never used before. I will personally testify that using a password manager makes this task immensely easier (Password1, Keeper, and Safari’s Keychain [Mac only] are the ones I am personally familiar with, but there are lots of others).
  • Create a strong password. Meaning long, and with a mixture of capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. I personally use all of those, generally with 17 characters or more in the password. Which is another advantage of password managers - the only password I can and need to remember is the master password to my password manager software.
  • Make sure your email is and always remains current. If you need to update your email please contact an Administrator and we will see to it (You can find the Administrators listed in red here.). If your account here gets compromised, we will often see evidence that your email has not been, and that gives us a confident way to contact you by email and set things straight.
Sadly, the Internet isn’t the quiet little place it was way back when (am I showing my age? Posted Image). We are all forced to be a lot more careful these days.

Thanks for reading, and triple thanks for heeding!


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