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  • SiOnyx Aurora
    SiOnyx Aurora
    A friend of mine just bought this. Not yet received, but hopefully we can report on what we find. We are currently using triple staked instensifier and iPhone for recording images and video. Looks...
  • WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    I do have the ASIAIR, and while it has just recently received an update which allows it to work with the AZGTi wirelessly, it is still a very new product and doesn’t quite fit my needs yet.  I...
  • WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    And do you consider to get the ASIAIR to simplify your entire procces?
  • WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    Sharpcap yes.  I've used PHD2 drift alignment as well, but honestly Sharpcap is very quick and easy, and more than accurate enough to get my PA error below my imaging resolution.  Great p...
  • WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi
    Wow 20minutes, that is pretty amazing consider the mount is at maximun capacity. How do you do the polar alignment, do you use sharpcap or another software?

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