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  • Ring Nebula
    Ring Nebula
    taken at f10
  • Saturn 5-28-17
    Saturn 5-28-17
    It's an illusion caused by the shadow of the planet hitting the rings straight-on when Saturn is at or near opposition. There was a large much higher resolution image of Saturn posted earlier today...
  • 8" RFT
    8" RFT
    Years ago, in the basement of the Adler Planetarium, there was an optical lab, where people could come in and make their telescopes under the direction of a few master opticians.  This Cassegr...
  • 8" RFT
    8" RFT
    This is the same tube that was used for my 8" Gregorian, whose optics have been put in storage.
  • 6" f/9.6 Newtonian
    6" f/9.6 Newtonian
    This  scope was built in 1966, when I was a teenager. I ground, polished, and figured the mirror. I recently refurbished it in 2015. It gives excellent views.The mount is homemade too, 1-1/2"...

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