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2019 1022 Horsehead Nebula

Daniel's Astrophotography

I started this journey in March of 2018. As all amateur astronomers do, I went through the progression of learning (sometimes the hard way) what works and what doesn't.

For almost two years I struggled with equipment...mainly the mount I had purchased. It was then I decided to apply what I had learned and totally revamped my equipment...mount, telescope, camera, and software.

These images show the progression of my experience looking at the heavens that intrigued me since my childhood.

I was slightly disappointed when I first looked through my telescope in March of 2018, thinking I would get good visual results from a affordable 8" telescope. While some targets were enticing, the faint, hidden objects that I sought were not satisfying. It was then I jumped into Astrophotography.

It was a circuitous journey with many disappointments. That was until I re-applied what I had learned when I was young...'Do what the successful old guys do.'
(Old in relation to time in the hobby vs. time on the calendar... but many times these correlate.)

Anyhow...these picture are posted in order I captured them. The progress is obvious. I must mention to those not familiar with the hobby of astronomy that post-processing pictures taken of celestial objects is an important aspect of the process of getting these images turned into the pictures you see here. And, like using the telescope correctly, is an art and a science. I hope to keep improving both.

I hope you enjoy these images. The things pictured are right above all of our heads every night. They belong to us all. I just borrowed some photons that would have fallen, unused and unloved, onto the ground.

And, on a personal note, please always remember that there are wonders inside each of us that match, or exceed, some of the amazing things we see outside of ourselves. Just take a little time to learn that science also.

Unless otherwise noted, all images in 2019 and later were taken with the following equipment:
Explore Scientific ED127CF-FCD100 Telescope
iOptron CEM60-EC Mount
ZWO ASI183MC-Pro Camera / ZWO ASI533MC-Pro Camera
Celestron OAG w/ Lodestar X2
Captured with Sequence Generator Pro or Nebulosity
Calibrated in Pixinsight
Processed in Star Tools

Clear Skies!

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