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12.5" Cass restoration (Ed Byers content)

Cleanup and restoration of an E-Bay / Craigslist basket case.

I purchased the pallet of pieces in response to an Ebay listing near my home. That photo was originally uploaded to the gallery in 2013 as an effort to learn more about the scope. He seemed to think it was a Unitron because it had a focuser and eyepiece turret of that brand.

Further research has show that it was an early prototype mount built by Ed Byers. (He has confirmed) I'm told the system was once used in the Cal Poly SLO observatory. Still has the State of CA property tags on it.

It's been a fun project and I've have enjoyed sharing the story and it's wonderful views at numerous star parties. It's a bit cumbersome to move so mostly it sits in the garage and rolls out to view/image planets.

Alas...I live in the city and have no permanent structure for it. Yet....

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