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Abell 21   Medusa Nebula   7 X 45 S
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Most images were taken using the Evolution 8" and 2x compound stacked Celestron f/6.3 focal reducers.
The focus distance between the 2nd f/6.3 and the sensor ~ 53 mm resulting in f/5.2.
The optical train (total length 140 mm) just clears the mount!
"T2 train": [ f/6.3 (23.5 mm)] + [f/6.3 (27 mm)] + [SC to T2 adapter (26.5 mm)] + [T2 spacer (10 mm)] + [Infinity (46 mm)]
and some thin 1 ... 1.5 mm Al spacers to avoid 'thread scuffing'.

Some were taken with the 6 SE and a cheap 0.5 x FR. Those images are rather noisy.

The capture software was the 'synergic' Infinity.

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