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Dee and her astrocats

Dee and her astrocats

Here's a picture of myself and my new Nexstar8i, plus my astrocat Aryeh and his brother Tony

    Wow nice scope :) does kitty do stargazing too?
    He certainly owns all of my equipment! I'm not sure he might want to use it for birdwatching!
    your house looks like my place hehe, what's the kitty thinking I wonder?
    My kitty is probably thinking how lucky I am to be able to borrow his scopes, and how he wishes I'd put him down so that he can get into some trouble!! :)
    Scott Beith
    Dec 20 2005 04:00 PM
    How do you keep the cat hair out of the diagonal?
    Two nice looking cats!
    You sure thats not Tina Fay and her cats?

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