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NEOWISE, ISS and Big Dipper


Eric Loyd astropotamus.com

NEOWISE, ISS and Big Dipper

Every now and then, you get a once in a while event like getting a Royal Flush while playing poker (about once every 650,000 hands of Texas Hold’Em). Even rarer are the once in a lifetime events like watching humans land on another world such as the Moon or Mars. And if you’re very lucky, you get to witness a once in a millennium event that comes down to pure chance. I had that chance in late July when the International Space Station, Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), and the Big Dipper all appeared in the northern sky at the same time for about 90 seconds.

This image shows the Big Dipper, the comet, and five streaks of light that came from five separate 10 second exposures of the ISS. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

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