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Unimount Light Deluxe

Unimount Light Deluxe

Unimount Light Deluxe with 20x60 Pentax binos.

    The 20x60 bino has to be the most underrated binocular ever. It's a shame more manufacturers don't use this combination of magnification and aperture more often. A friend of mine has the Pentax PCF WP II 20x60 and it works exceedingly well for terrestrial viewing, especially under low light. This binocular is a steal at the price Pentax is selling it.
    I have had my Pentax 20x60 PCF WP II for over two years. I have had to send it in to Pentax at least three times. Once for collimation and twice for problems relating to the eyepieces and blackout. It has never been corrected to my satisfaction. At this present time the right diopter adjustment seems to be out of calibration. I also purchased the Pentax TP-3 tripod adapter which has also proven unsatisfactory with both the 16x60 and 20x60 Pentax binoculars. I find that it is too thin and does not dampen against vibration adequately. Also, because of the lack of sufficient thickness it allows more flex and less stability from left to right. I purchased a Universal Astronomics L-adapter and that eliminated all the problems I was experiencing with the TP-3. The TP-3 works fine with the Pentax 12x50mm PCF WP II binocular, because of the lower magnification and lighter weight. Updated info. April 2,2009 I sent my Pentax 20x60mm PCF WP II to EdZ, back in 2008, and he tested it and gave excellent comments about correcting black out by careful adjustments of both the IPD & the eyecups. Also, I returned it one last time to Pentax and they finally adjusted the right diopter within factory specs. Works great now. It was worth the wait & all the hassle.

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