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I have really been having fun with wide field imaging using my Canon 135mm ES F/2 lens combined with my old ASI1600MM-PRO (its seen better days) and ZWO filter wheel combination. I have been doing mostly narrowband. I have been trying to do mosaics to cover large areas of some more common targets. This image is a two panel mosaic for a total of 18 hours of data.

The eye of the swan is a wide field image of the area around Deneb. This included the familiar North American (NGC7000) and Swan nebulas (IC5070) as well as less well know targets SH2-119 and SH2-112. The right side of the image show a large area of emission and dust as well as you move toward the Sahr region. There are also open clusters NGC7039, NGC7044 and NGC7062. I also captured planetary nebula NGC7027 and NGC7048.

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