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M45. Taken with my Astro Tech 80 mm EDT, 0.8FR, Skyglow and moon filter(Orion) and ZWO 294 Pro. 4 hrs Total of 2 minute sub frames taken over two nights. Calibrated with Master Dark and DarkFlats.

    That's gorgeous! Did you take it in dark skies?

    Nov 20 2020 10:38 AM

    Nope.  In my back yard orange/red zone.    Used an Orion Moon and Skyglow filter.  4 hours worth of 2 minute exposures.  The star colors are not right at all and the background has a blue hue that is probably not real.  Tried to mitigate that by driving the dark point up quite a bit.  The effect creates an artistic pop, but does sacrifice a bit on realism.   But I DID get a lot of nice detail in the nebula, which is a big improvement over previous efforts.  Learn a little bit each time:-).  Thanks for the nice comment!



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