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Heart Nebula 1000mm core 11 20 21

astrophotography dso reflector

Heart Nebula 1000mm core 11 20 21

the heart nebula has a very interesting center, so I captured 16 hours of photons with my largest 10" scope and here is what we ended up with (narrow band colors).
This is a stellar nursery with lots of gas and dust with new formed stars. The new born star's radiation causes the nearby gas to glow emitting light in specific frequencies.
the overall nebula is also known as IC 1805, the core as Melotte 15. it is near the constellation Cassiopeia (the "W"). About 7500 light years away in our Milky Way, the star cluster is only 1.5 million years old, just infants in the cosmic scale of stars.
Skywatcher Quattro 1000mm focal length Newtonian F4, ASI 183 MM PRO mono camera, Sony sensor at -10C, 3 minute subframes.
Telescopius (framing), TheSkyX navigation, DSS stacking, Photoshop (Equalize histogram) minor adjustments, filters and curves. PHD2 guiding, Paramount GT1100S mount.

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