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Orion's nebula and Running Man's nebula mosaic

Orion astrophotography

Orion's nebula and Running Man's nebula mosaic

My first successful mosaic! ✌️ Orion and Running Man nebulae, stitching three tiles together.
From bottom to top :
Orion's nebula (M42)
Mairan's nebula (M43)
Running Man's nebula (NGC1977)
Tender's cluster (NGC1981)
Each tile was first manually stacked in DSS, then developed in Affinity Photo so as to obtain about the same impression. Those were exported to JPEGS.
Then, I used Affinity Photo panorama tool to stich the tiles automatically. I made a bit more editing in the same application to uniformise the luminosity a bit more, but the panorama tool had already done 99% of the job.
M42-Orion_2nights_DSS: 405 frames, total exposure: 1 hr 7 mn 30 s
M42-TileU1_DSS: 67 frames, total exposure: 11 mn 10 s
M42-TileU2_DSS: 214 frames, total exposure: 35 mn 40 s

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