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Heart of Heart Nebula and Melotte 15

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Heart of Heart Nebula and Melotte 15

Here's the heart of the Heart Nebula, or Melotte 15 and surrounding nebulostiy. When the light that made this photo left it's source 7,500 years ago, humans were just starting to figure out civilization and copper smelting... you could make the argument we are still figuring out civilization 😆.

This area is rich in Hydrogen (red) and ionized oxygen (blue/green) and dust which blend to create the red/pink and contrasting dark sections seen in the region. Some of the large, young stars near the center of Melotte 15 are nearly 50 times the mass of our sun.

This data was my first light with the new Optolong L-Extreme duoband filter and so far I'm a huge fan. Considering half of this data was shot through thin, high level clouds from our suburban back yard and the moon was about 70% the entire time...pretty amazing!

Specs: 45x300" exposures. Calibrated with 30 darks, no flats or dark flats (I was lazy this weekend). TSO 130 Photoline Refractor, Skywatcher EQ6-R mount, ASI294MCPRO camera, Optolong L-Extreme filter. Cooled to 5 degrees F, unity gain. Captured in APT, stacked and Ha / oiii channels extracted with APP, Merged and processed in Photoshop, Final touches in Lightroom.

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