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Globular Cluster M-62

Globular  Cluster M-62

Features for M-62 R.A.17hrs. 1 min.; Dec. -30°7 min. Epoch 2000 Average distance between stars 0.25 l.y. Diameter 100 l.y. across 14 arc minutes Visual magnitude 6.5 Sketching: 9”x11” white sketching paper; 6B, 4B, HB graphite pencils and a blending stump; Scanned and inverted; brightness of some stars adjusted with MS Paint. Scope: 10” f/5.7 Dobsonian: 24 mm widefield eyepiece 60x and 12 mm eyepiece 121x Date and Time: 7-2-2008, 4:00-4:40 UT Seeing: Pickering 6/10 Transparency: Below average 2/5 NELM: 4.4 Frank McCabe

    Very accurate rendition of the view at the eyepiece.Your deep sky drawings are a pleasure!
    Michael, Thank you for the nice words. I went through your gallery and noted you have many fine photos and sketches. I especially like that pileated woodpecker shot and your nice lunar images. Frank :)

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