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Rex Robichaux


Here's my 2020 attempt at Orion and some of the brilliant objects that help make it my favorite constellation. This image is a HaRGB merger of about 4.5 hrs of Ha data capture from my back yard, and one hour of RGB / color data from my nearby dark sky site (Cumberland Forest, Virginia). I would have liked more color data from the dark skies, but my portable batteries only lived for an hour at 28 degrees f before biting the bullet.

Clearly visible in the shot are the Running Man and Orion Nebulas (top), Flame and Horsehead Nebulas (bottom) and Orion's Belt across the lower left of the image.
This is my second attempt at combining Ha with broadband color data and I'm really enjoying the processing although there are still a lot of improvements to be made.

Captured with my Samyang 135mm lens, Zwo ASI294MC Pro Camera, and EQ6-R Mount using APT for capture, PHD2 for guiding, DSS for stacking, Startools for processing, PS for merging, and Lightroom CC for final touches.

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