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20210113 144755

20210113 144755

    View through a Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark III, I received in a lot from a gentlemen through the classifieds here. 


    He neglected to mention there is significant damage to an internal coating, or possibly it's moisture and debris, and some other minor issues like it won't go to the 24mm setting..lol..?   I didn't pay for it yet, so can't say I am all that upset just not what I hoped for.  Waiting to hear back from Baader, If I can get parts for it, and find some instruction I may "attempt" to rebuild it if he'll accept a "for parts" offer! ; )  I do love fixing things, If I go that route I will make a lot of pics and add a post, as everyone seems to be having similar issues.. Dangitt man!

    Yeah no, Baader suggested I buy a new one..lol  On the way back.

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