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23 Day Old Moon

23 Day Old Moon

Sketching: For this sketch I used: light blue drawing paper cut to 12’x14”, white Conte’ pastel pencils, a light blue Crayola pencil, a blending stump and my index finger too. No adjustments were need after scanning except size reduction. Telescope: 4.25 inch f/ 5 Dobsonian and 12mm eyepiece 45x Date: 8-24-2008 13:00-15:00 UT Temperature: 20° C (68° F) Partly cloudy, calm Seeing: Antoniadi III Colongitude: 188° Phase: 262.9° Lunation: 23 days Illumination: 44 % Libration Latitude -6° Libration Longitude -1° Frank McCabe

    Sublime Frank, simply sublime! Rich
    Rich, I really enjoyed making this sketch. It was a beautiful, dry, transparent, pleasant summer morning. A very rare day in a Chicagoland August. Thank you. Frank :)

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