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Doug L, binoviewer eyepiece modification

Doug L, binoviewer eyepiece modification

My William Optics binoviewer.

    Three images posted showing my 'offset' eyepiece modification for collimation (at the eyepiece). This mod was required in order to fix a problem with the alignment of the left eyepiece focuser barrel, but the same technique would provide a fairly simple way to achieve better binoviewer collimation for anyone who is unable to easily merge the two images (from each eyepiece). The altered eyepiece ends up being offset slightly from centre when put in the holder. By rotating the eyepiece in the holder and/or rotating the focuser, the image moves around in a circle until and it can be merged with the other eyepiece's image. To begin the mod, I disassembled the eyepiece to protect the lenses. With this particular eyepiece, be careful not to unscrew the higher ring. That's what holds the lenses in place.

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