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Hiding Behind My Lovely Wife

Hiding Behind My Lovely Wife

My wife and our toys! And me in the background!

    Thanks, and a wise choice... hiding behind your lovely wife I mean... we all appreciate it. ;) Mon Dieu, that 140 looks absolutely huge! Is it really that big or is it a trick of perspective in the photo? (I like the background foilage too.)
    Look at that Dew-shield ! Is that Bamboo in the background ?
    I'm sorry I haven't responded before now... The scope looks a bit larger than life through the magic of perspective, but it is a large scope, indeed. And yes, that is bamboo in the background! It seems to thrive in this climate, and certain varieties can be invasive if not properly controlled. It was planted to help block the view of the neighbor's house (and lights) from our back yard.
    Walter , This wonderful photo just happened to be enjoying it's 15 seconds of fame at the bottom of the screen while I was searching the forums . It brought back fond memories of the days when you were such a loyal friend of mine on Cloudy Nights , not to mention such a well deserved , well respected moderator . Hope all is well with yourself , your lovely wife and all your family . Kind Regards Kenny
    Sep 19 2013 08:41 PM
    Kenny I agree with everything you said about Walter. I miss him and hope everything is ok with him and his family.

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