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Crater Schiller

Crater Schiller

Sketching: For this sketch I used: off-white copy paper 8.5”x 11”, and 2H, HB, 4B graphite pencils also a white pastel pencil, eraser shield and pink pearl eraser at the eyepiece. Telescope: 10 inch f/ 5.7 Dobsonian and 9mm eyepiece 161x Date: 11-11-2006 1:20-2:30 UT Temperature: 10°C (50°F) Clear 0°C (32° F) Seeing: Antoniadi III Colongitude: 65.5 °. Lunation: 13 days Illumination: 93.2 % Frank McCabe

    Incredibly detailed and beautifully modeled sketch Frank, easily one of your best graphite sketches! :) Rich
    Rich, Thank you. I was happy with the way this one came out. For some reason I included both the daytime high(?) and the temperature at the time of sketching. Frank :)

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