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IMG 4644

IMG 4644

  • 13 Day Old Moon
  • As seen through 50x82 Kowa Highlander Prominar Binoculars
  • May 24, 2021, 21:00; See/Trans - VG/3
  • Location - Phoenix, AZ USA
  • Drawn using #2 Graphite Pencil & eraser on a PowerPoint generated background & shape printed on #20 letter sized printer paper. Photographed with iPhone 11 pro max to enable upload.
  • Purpose: To provide the basis for a sketched map for a lunar observation project with labels added later.

    The moon never quite became the "Harsh Mistress" that Robert Heinlein envisioned.  But she is a task master for 1st time sketchers.  Here's my attempt at the 13 day old moon as seen through Kowa Highlander binoculars.

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