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Milky Way Center

Milky Way Center

Shot with a Nikon 24mm @ f4, ST2000/CFW8 on AP900 RGB = 45, 30, 30 min

    fantastic shot
    Sep 04 2004 09:48 AM
    I'm a new member here, and i'd just like to say that this is perhaps the finest astrophotography gallery i've ever seen, preceeded by Hubble images only! Most notable in my book is this fantastic expanse of the Milky Way, M13, the Horsehead Nebula Region and M57. I am just about to buy my first telescope, but have been avised against astrophotograhy at this early stage by many people on other space forums, because they say it is difficult, expensive, time consuming and frustrating when you don't get it right. However, i hope one day to take shots on par with some of the shots in this gallery - congratulations to everyone on some fantastic work.
    Outstanding picture !
    Oct 02 2004 07:44 AM
    Truly awesome
    I've wondered for the past two days about how colorful the milky way is. I've been needing to see this.
    truly outstanding photo
    Stunning shot!!!!
    Stunning image, thanks for sharing.
    Now, this is how the Milky Way is supposed to look. Great!

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