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Cygnus Wall SHO V1 using OSC and Sii, L-eNhance filters

Cygnus Wall SHO V1 using OSC and Sii, L-eNhance filters

A-P 130mm f/6, Hotech 2inch flattener (!!needs better tuning--next on the agenda), CGEM, QHY168c, Optolong L-eNhance, Optolong Sii
NINA, PHD2, CartesduCiel, PixInsight

imaged over several nights late July 2021, near full Moon, intense fire season northern Ontario

Sii: 54x3minutes, L-eNhance : 77x2minutes

PI: WBPP, all images registered to best L-eNhance image for alignment, NSG on registered images for each filter, extracted R channel from Sii images for Sii data; R to Ha and [ max(g,b) ] for Oiii from L-eNhance data; Dynamic Crop to all three then each got DBE, deconvolution and EZNoiseReduction. Linear fit Ha and OIII to Sii channel (lowest median) then ChannelCombination; magenta stars corrected via PM script by Troy, simple STF transfer to HT, then masked saturation changes to each channel with stretched/clipped lightness masks; LHE then final contrast adjustment in CT; SCNR tweak final step (? could avoid with different workflow and settings?

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