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ROR retrofit in progress - Aug 29 pic

ROR retrofit in progress - Aug 29 pic

I’ve received 2 more wheels and added mid-span wheels (so 3 per side) for extra support. The longer ‘north’ panel from previous split roof configuration now has top layer of shingles removed and 10” of deck board cut-off exposing 2x4. On shorter ‘south’ panel (in vertical orientation) I’ve removed the bottom 2x4 and drip edge. Plan is to be able to ‘mend’ the two panels together with ‘south’ (flipped 180 to align shingles) sliding down on exposed 2x4 from ‘north’ and create single 8x8 panel in final new configuration (sloping 2:12 shed roof). I would have one layer of shingles at the ‘seam’ between old panels.

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