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Venus in the Daytime

Venus in the Daytime

Sketching: 4.25 “ f/6 Newtonian 6mm eyepiece 107x For this sketch I used: blue construction paper, 11”x 9”, a white Conte’ pastel crayon and a blending stump, for templating the planet as a circle I used a lens cap. Brightness and contrast were slightly increased (+2) after scanning. Date: 3-21-2009 7:00-7:15 UT clear skies, few clouds Large numbers of greater sandhill cranes flying north Frank McCabe

    Robert Provin
    Mar 26 2009 08:46 PM
    Nice drawing Frank. Makes me want to get the scope out, and I will!
    Robert, Thank you very much for your kind words. And do get that scope out. :) Frank

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