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Tulip with L-eNhance HOO

Tulip with L-eNhance HOO

finally had a very small opportunity to try this month's Beginner's Challenge--only managed to get 58 useable minutes--long sad story.
processed both as straight RGB and as HOO--I liked the HOO version better.
horribly noisy, as expected--without EZDenoise, it would be total disaster, as it is, it is mostly disaster
but with the eye of faith, even with 1 hour of i-time, the "bow shock" is just barely distinguishable.
AP130 mm f/6, AP Model 400 mount, QHY168c, L-eNhance, 58x120seconds, NINA, PHD2, ASTAP, PixInsight, (a lot of cursing, bad language and heavy sighs during capture)

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