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Witch's Head NGC1909 V1

Witch's Head NGC1909 V1

same data--each panel: NormalizeScaleGradient, then ImageIntegration with Winsorized Sigma Clipping at 2.0 for high, large scale rejection at 1 layer and 3
!most of the trails gone!
then MosaicByCoordinates/trim 1 pixel/PhotoMetricMosaic/ DBE
PCC, MLT noise reduction
soft Asinhstretch
tried MaskedStretch vs "pfile"masking and HT stretching--slightly better outcome on brighter stars with pfile mask
starless image and stars from StarNet
further denoise/sharpening Lum of starless image (MLT, LHE) ; blurring of a, b channels; recombining
boost colour saturation of stars from StarNet star mask
PM recombination starless and stars
tweak brightness/contrast

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