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M31 The Andromeda Galaxy



G. Sever

M31 The Andromeda Galaxy

M31 Andromeda Galaxy crossing over Western PA at a distance of ~ 2.5 Million Light Years. Tucked in very close is tiny M32 Galaxy which is classified as a dwarf galaxy tied to Andromeda. A bit further away at 2.7 Million light years is M110 Galaxy (lower right). WO81, 0.8x FF, ZWO asi183mc, EQ6R-pro, PHD Guiding, DSS and quick processing in Star Tools. 3 min. exposures totaling just under two hours total exposure under Avg. conditions, Nov. 7, 2021

    Bilbo Baggs
    Nov 22 2021 09:17 AM

    Nice photographs. Especially considering the area of the country. ;-) I'm from just across the border in Ohio.

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