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November 2021 Sketching Contest Winner is Cindy Krach (Warmvet)

November 2021 Sketching Contest Winner is Cindy Krach (Warmvet)

Partial Lunar Eclipse & Pleiades
Date and Time:11/18/21 23:03 HST - 11/19/21 0903 UT
Maui, Hawaii 4,000' elevation
7x50 Action Extreme Binocular
Black Artagain paper, conte crayons
Seeing: Excellent, Transparency: 5/7

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    Beautiful rendition. I was up for the entire eclipse but couldn't see Pleiades mainly due to the light pollution. The most amazing part was how bright the yard was from moonlight before the eclipse with lots of shadows. Then how dark everything got a maximum eclipse with no shadows just like a new-Moon night!

    Regards, Ed 

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    good job on the moons orange hue

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    Congrats on this great sketch! The eclipse at max is rendered nicely; good color and demo of the 3% illumination. Straight binos just past the zenith tests my old stiff neck. Fortunately, we were streaming the eclipse for Timeanddate.com, and I guess I didn't really take notice of M45! My bad..



    Lovely rendering Cindy. Subtle and serene.  Congrats!

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    Absolutely stunning!  Reminds us that the artist's eye can sometimes capture the beauty of the night's sky that a camera cannot.

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    Jan 03 2022 04:03 PM

    Beautiful work, can almost feel as though I was there in your place breathing in this scene. Thank you for sharing!

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    Very nice, Cindy.



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