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M42 Orion's Nebula / M43 / Running Man



G. Sever

M42 Orion's Nebula / M43 / Running Man

Jan. 21, 2022 on a very cold night. This is only 24min.s exposure w 2 min. subs. I had wasted an hour trying to get the Trapezium. I had to drop to 3sec exposures to clear it up, at which point I gave up and went back to a 240 sec. / 240 gain giving the obligatory blown out core. WO-GT81, 0.8x FF, Zwo asi183mc, Phd Guiding, Sharpcap, DSS and tweaked in xnview. I thougt this was a lost effort, esp after losing 1/3 of my frames to starlink pollution, but was actually pleased w the star cluster above M43.

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