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Mars Dec.16, 2009 9:45 UT

Mars Dec.16, 2009 9:45 UT

Sketching: White sketching paper 8" x 11"; HB graphite pencil, soft charcoal pencil for sky background, blending stump for blending orange and yellow Crayola pencil shavings. Brightness decreased at scanning by -2 using scanner Date 12/16/2009 – Time 9:45-10:15 UT Telescope: 13.1 inch f/6 Dobsonian and 9mm eyepiece 222x Temperature: -19°C (-2°F) clear, calm Transparency 4/5 Seeing: Antoniadi III Frank McCabe

    Frank, is the bright region just south and along the NPC a purposeful feature you sketched? I ask because I saw it and am looking for others who may have seen it, too, at this CM.
    Norme, Yes, but this sketch was made in December of 2009. I have not sketched Mars yet this year. I am waiting for my first chance. Good sketching to you. Frank :)

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