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M51 x207frames 1242s

M51 x207frames 1242s

C8@F6.3, asi294mc Pro, UV/IR Filter, darks+flats

    Very Nice! Really tight stars (compared to my C8) and colors. We have similar gear and I've been trying to get a good rendered image of this for almost 3 months - but most is/was from my bortle 9 backyard - and my stars are pretty bad towards the edges. Here's the "most effort" version I have today, please let me know what you think.


    M51 22-05-19 through 5-28 bortle9 6hr37min EntropyFITAdaptive AND additive ROI 5-29-22 1hr42min bortle6 cropped 2800x1800



    Thank You


    Thanks! That's just a straight 20min EAA capture with Sharpcap. No post processing at all. I just use an Alt-Az mount so the sub exposures are only 6s. I find that I get better results in heavy light pollution with shorter exposures.


    I think yours is great. Much brighter and more visible features.  

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