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M45 w/Nikon D70

M45 w/Nikon D70

Taken 9/23/04 Crownsville, MD Nikon D70 thru Stellarvue 80/9d refractor.

    Oct 23 2004 12:53 PM
    Love the diffraction spikes on the stars, they're razor sharp - what was the exposure time?
    awesome shot!
    Incredible amount of nebulosity captured. The image is perfect.No hint of trails and the contrast is superb.Great Job!
    Jan 06 2008 08:02 AM
    I also found the diffraction spikes quite appealing too! M45 is a personal favorite when it comes down to open clusters, and astrophotography!!
    Just picked up a Nikon D70 body for my CGE 11 now will someone make the clouds go away so I can use it .?? We have had 3 clear nights and the problem was dew so bad I could have had a bath or two..

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