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May 2022 Sketching Contest Winner is Mitu Congratulations Mitu !

May 2022 Sketching Contest Winner is Mitu Congratulations Mitu !

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    Crater Copernicus
    5/10/2022 20:30 Local time
    Tokyo, Japan
    Seeing: 3-4/5 Trans: 2/5
    TeleVue-85(D = 85mm, fl = 600mm)
    Matsumoto EMS-UL
    Takahashi TOE 3.3mm 181x
    Black drawing paper, STABILO white pencils & STABILO black pencils

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    Thank you for your support, and your vote.


    Fantastic drawing! I am very impressed. So glad I was able to see and enjoy your beautiful artwork.

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    A very interesting interpretation of Copernicus. It is actually moody in flavor and makes it seem like a grim and foreboding place. I don't think I've ever seen astronomy drawing which conveyed mood before. Scientific details, yes. But not mood.
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    Wonderful drawing. I agree with Greg about the foreboding feeling. Looks like how I picture Mordor!

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    Amazing sketch! a deserved winner if I ever saw one!

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    This is SO GOOD! Congrats!
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    Mind blowing! Great detail in the drawings
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    Thank you for the likes and comments.
    Your feedback means a lot to me.



    Excellent , wow
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