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Waning Gibbous Moon (medium)

Astrophotography CMOS Imaging Moon Refractor

Waning Gibbous Moon (medium)

Taken early in the morning on June 15, 2022 and just under one day past the first super moon of the year here is the waning gibbous moon as captured in a four-panel mosaic using an Astro-Tech AT72ED scope and a ZWO ASI178MM camera. The skies were hazy but passably clear until near to the end of the final sequence of the mosaic when the haze turned nearly to fog. I had to mask one part of the background sky because of the brightness changes caused by the fog but overall it turned out to be a fairly good image.

Image capture with SharpCap Pro, image processing with AutoStakkert! (best 768 of 2000 frames), Registax (wavelet sharpening), Microsoft's Image Composite Editor (mosaic stitching), and Photoshop CC 2022 (tweaks and photo frame).

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