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Tandem Taks on MX+ (in progress)

Tandem Taks on MX+ (in progress)

When I rotated MX+ back on observatory pier in mid-June 2022 I wanted to try setup with TSA120 and FSQ-106 on my ADM side-by-side. Haven’t gotten the WR35 nitecrawler back on FSQ-106 yet. Used Tak clamshell for FSQ and Tak 125mm plate/rings on TSA120. Both are attached to 7” D-plates with Tak pattern mount. Also wanted to finally get ‘thru mount’ cabling done for power/USB (pulled today). Will get all usb connected to my StarTech 7300 and run all 12VDC patches thru to powerpole distribution supplied from my 12V/30A PowerWerx.

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