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M51 Pix And PS proc

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M51 Pix And PS proc

I imaged M51 a few months ago, processed it, wasn't happy, put it in the "I'll get to it someday" folder. I guess "someday" was today and I got to it (only becuase it's cloudy and I'm bored). I am really starting to get into the PixInsight thing. It's to bad I threw away my DSS/PS processed version so I could show a side-by-side.

    Very nice! (ya have the wrong title on it though claiming it's M16 -- and I can relate some bad dayz I call Saturn "Juipter" and the opposite also.. seriously senior moments

    Dang! Yeah, suppose to be M51. Probable had the Eagle Nebula on my mind at the time. Thanks for pointing that out.


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