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NGC6888 2022 07 06 10Sec S PS

Astrophotography Beginner CMOS Dob DSO EAA Filters

NGC6888 2022 07 06 10Sec S PS

The new Optolong 1.25" L-Enhance Dual Narrowband Light Pollution Filter came in today, along with the usual clouds.
Figuring that it would be a few days until the next, predicted, fair night, I closed up shop and went home.
Around 8 pm the sky grew clear and 4 of the 5 major weather sites called for 1-20 % clouds.
Who can resist the urge to test out new gear?
So, back to the shop.
By the time the scope was set up I found out that I had been lied to again by the weather sites and the sky was 85 % clouds.
But, there were breaks in the clouds, so I captured through the gaps, as best I could.
I chose NGC 6888, The Crescent Nebula, as it was in the least cloud congested part of the sky.
I was only able to capture 145x10 second subs before the sky turned 100% cloudy.
Enough to see how the new filter worked.
I am really impressed with what the filter/camera combo managed to pull out of such a short session!
Posting 4 versions of the final image.
First one is from PixInsight, second one is from Astro Pixel Processor, the third one is APP’s version with reduced stars, and then cropped.
Orion Xtg10 goto Alt/Azimuth telescope
ZWO 294 MC camera
Optolong 1.25" L-Enhance Dual Narrowband Light Pollution Filter
ZWO EAF focuser
NGC6888, The Crescent Nebula, distance 5,000 light years
145x10 second subs
Captured with NINA
Processed in PixInsight, APP, Photoshop, and Topaz
Bortle 7

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