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Tandem scope image train

Tandem scope image train

On TSA120 have WR30 nitecrawler, Tak 0.7x reducer (so at 635mm FL and F/5.3) with QHY600PH-M/QHY wheel with Chroma LRGB-SHO. On FSQ-106EDX4 have WR35 nitecrawler (unreduced - shooting native F/5 at 530mm FL) and QSI6162 with Chroma LRGB-SHO. Had just started yesterday to work with QHY600 on TSA120 after pulling off the OSC (ZWO ASI128MC-pro). The WR35 nitecrawler and QSI6162 were mounted today on FSQ after removing Tak focuser. I had been doing some visual observations with FSQ and seemed like good time to get it ready for imaging. I may exchange cameras (move QHY600 to FSQ) when I get proper adapters to connect QSI6162 within 56mm needed for reducer on TSA120.

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