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1 Pelican 2022 08 04

Astrophotography Beginner CMOS Dob DSO EAA

1 Pelican 2022 08 04

I had a chance to target IC5070, The Pelican Nebula for the first time last night.
No clouds but high humidity and temperatures created a slight haze here near the ocean.
Still, I’m pleased with the capture!
Still getting the feel of the new camera but it’s getting much better with practice.
I've added a starless version to better see the nebulosity.

IC5070, The Pelican Nebula, distance 1,800 light years away
Orion Xtg10g goto Alt/Azimuth telescope
ZWO 294 MC camera
Optolong 1.25" L-Enhance Dual Narrowband Light Pollution Filter
ZWO EAF focuser
500x10 second subs
Processed in PixInsight, Photoshop, StarTools, Topaz, and StarNet
Bortle 7

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