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Bad morning after camera hit pier overnight

Bad morning after camera hit pier overnight

Got up at 6:30a after imaging session finished of M31 with my TSA120/0.7x/QHY600 to find QSI6162 (camera on right OTA of tandem) ‘resting comfortably’ against pier. Recently went from streamlined profile ZWO ASI128MC-pro color to QSI6162 mono camera with larger offset of 8-position integrated FW. The QSI6162 hit pier at 1.0HA past meridian in ‘CW up’ (mount setting had allowed 1.5HA). Fortunately I got mount functionality restored (DEC was ‘unhappy’) and QSI6162 was undamaged except for crushed/distorted usb cable (which got swapped). Will remember to verify slew parameters after hardware change.

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