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M51 C9.25 OMC300 web1

M51 C9.25 OMC300 web1

On June 25, 2022 I imaged M51 for 2.75 hrs with my C9.25 XLT and 0.63x focal reducer, using a ZWO ASI533MC astro camera. On July 3, 2022 I imaged M51 again but this time using my OMC300 Klevtsov Mak-Cass scope. It is native f9 but I used it with a 0.7x focal reducer, using a ZWO ASI6200MC full frame astro camera. The imaging time was 4 hours. Processed photos from each of these scopes looked fine. Today (Oct 31, 2022) I decided to combine both imaging sessions using Astro Pixel Processor which took something like 5 hours to analyze, calibrate, normalize, register and integrate the results into a single fits image. I brought this into Siril for initial processing and then into Gimp and ImagesPlus for fine tuning. This is the result, representing a total imaging time of 6.75 hrs. Seeing was poor even for my area during both imaging sessions and was no better than 5-6 arc seconds.

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