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The Moon, Copernicus, - SkyMax 150, ASI585MC

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Jon Highman

The Moon, Copernicus, - SkyMax 150, ASI585MC

    I just bought ASI585MC, haven't used it yet, i'm hoping it can "do everything" on a budget, deep sky, planets, clusters, etc.   I'll find out soon.

    Hi. I’m sure you will. It’s a very capable camera.
    I’ve taken images of Lunar, Solar, Planetary and Nebulae.
    Not done Galaxies with it though.
    When taking exposures of DSO make sure you take enough Dark Frames as the hot pixel levels can be high. I took about 15-20.
    Results were incredibly good. Mainly took 25 sec at 252gain using SharpCap livestacking tools. Basically EAA!!! Save RAW files as well!
    Enjoy the ASI585

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