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M38 wide 72bc Stack 20frames 300s clipped

M38 wide 72bc Stack 20frames 300s clipped

Widefield M38, NGC 1912
5 minute EAA View in Auriga

Nearby objects (see annotated image in this album)
NGC1907, IC417, NGC1931

The moon was nearly full and periodic clouds were a problem so there were no realistic plans for good views in the night sky. This was my play day to complete setup of an imaging NUC computer for remote indoor imaging. I used an Android tablet for polar alignment, darks, flats, and focus, and an indoor laptop to run my EAA sessions over RDP. This was surprisingly successful, so I watched clouds roll by (non-stacking) and did some quick EAA imaging while indoors.

Flats were the surprising success story. The image is mostly flat on the 72mm scope and camera (sliding off near the edges), but the moon provided a huge background that accentuated any variations across the image circle. Without flats these images would have been junk. With flats these images worked surprisingly well.

Scope: AT72EDii with dedicated reducer/corrector @F4.8
Camera: ASI2600mc Pro at around 10C (not cooled)
15s subs, 450 Gain, darks and flats applied

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