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ic434 72bc Stack 22frames 330s clipped

ic434 72bc Stack 22frames 330s clipped

Widefield Horsehead / Flame Nebula and outlying nebulosity in Orion's Belt
5 minute 30 second EAA View

Again this is part of my wide field night playing with new imaging electronics (NUC computer and wireless). Did not expect to get much with clouds and a near full moon in the sky. This view of the flame (orange to the left side of the image) was stretched to see outlying nebulosity, so the image is a bit rough within a 5ish minute view. It shows the outer lying nebulosity well but could use a bit of noise reduction when stretched. I did not do this in SharpCap (enhancements would have been great in this view) until I characterize the calculation load on the fast I5 nuc with a large pixel camera.
Scope: AT72EDii with dedicated reducer/corrector @F4.8
Camera: ASI2600mc Pro at around 10C (not cooled)
15s subs, 450 Gain, darks and flats applied

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