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ngc680 678 Sc8 Stack 396frames clipped

ngc680 678 Sc8 Stack 396frames clipped

NGC680, NGC678, IC167
90 minute EAA view
December 2022 Observing Challenge

In the view (a number of much smaller galaxies are also visible in this EAA view)

  • ngc678 - edge on barred spiral with dust lane (top of view)
  • ngc680 - elliptical galaxy - just below ngc670
  • ic167 - loose spiral at the very bottom of the view on the right side
  • ngc691 - unbarred spiral on the far-right side of the view (bottom third of the view)

I generated this view just a bit before December but have been shut out with cloudy skies this month. I was focusing on ngc 678 and was able to view the core of the edge on galaxy along with the dust lane within the first few minutes of the view. Getting the much fainter wings of the galaxy along with the dust lanes took much longer. Notice that the faint dust lanes across the galaxy are asymmetrical.

8" SCT at F/4.23
ASI2600mc pro: 10s subs, ROI: 3128x3132 pixels, gain 450, darks and flats applied

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